Music classes in Nagoya

Hi, and Welcome!

  • オーストラリア人
  • ESL取得
  • 英会話講師歴10年以上
  • ミュージシャン
  • ギターベーシスト
  • 名古屋市内または郊外にて活動中


  • Australian
  • ESL teacher
  • Living and teaching in Japan for over 10 years
  • Session musician
  • Guitarist, Bassist
  • Plays in several bands in and around Nagoya

Lesley’s teaching style is always friendly, relaxed and encouraging. 

Nagoya music lessons in English

My name is Lesley Bartlett, and my friends call me Les.

Seeds and Sounds is my dream space that was born out of my love of music and nature. It's a place for learning, sharing information and connecting with other like-minded people, mostly through music. A language we all understand.

Seeds and Sounds is not a corporation.
It is just me, and I believe in community, family, friends, and making our environment a better place.

About Me

Semi-On band bassist Lesley Bartlett

I play bass. I teach music and English to students of all ages and levels. I write kids songs, compose with fellow musicians and I make narration and music CDs for ESL course books.

Music has the ability to heal, inspire, comfort, and create. I hope to involve music as therapy through Seeds and Sounds, so stay tuned.

I volunteer my time to put on various events to bring people together through music and art.

I grow vegetables and give them away. I believe in healthy eating and hope to start my own Vegan food truck in the future.

I am happy you are here. Please feel free to click around at your leisure. If you are interested in any of my courses such as Tiny Tunes, would like to take music lessons, learn an instrument for the first time, or hire me for a project or session, please get in touch.